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Nizhniy Novgorod

Strigino International Airport

Strigino International Airport serves international and domestic flights and is the basic reserve airfield for airports of Moscow air cluster. By the results of 2014, the passenger flow of Nizhny Novgorod airport had grown by 23.4% and made 1,131,590 men. This figure exceeds the result of 2013 by 27.8%. At the international airlines over 593,590 passengers were serviced (extra 18.9% to the last year level). The number of air flights increased to 9,449 operations (+12.3%).  


Nizhny Novgorod airport is situated 18 km to the south –west from the center; it is linked with the straight automobile highways to Moscow, Samara, Kazan and Kirov. In addition, the special railway spur was constructed to deliver fuel/lubrication materials to the airport.  Well-chosen site for airport construction allows to fly without any ecological load on the city.