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Rostov-on-Don International Airport is the most important part of the transport cluster for the South Federal Precinct of Russia. Airport serves  both international and domestic air flights, it is included into the top ten Russian airports as regards the passenger flow and it is the most dynamically developing airport of the South Federal Precinct. Since September 2014 it is the part of the Holding “Airports of Regions”   


As of today, the airport cooperates with 25 national and international air companies, it has the basic carrier –“Donavia” Air Company. The network of flights links Rostov-on-Don by the regular and touristic flights with 37 cities of Russia and the world. The passenger flow in Rostov airport (by the results of 2014) has reached the level of 203 mln men.   


VIP-hall is located in the separate building. It works the whole day long (24 hours). Passengers can use the comfortable waiting hall with the soft furniture designed for 52 seats, banquet hall for 32 seats and the bar for 20 seats. Business men will not need to change their working schedule since the separate room is provided in the VIP-hall for negotiations and also the hall for meetings which is equipped with all required appliances for organization of the very important events. 

For your convenience and comfort, the airport at Rostov-on-Don offers  an additional services on individual transfer in the luxury class car to and from the air craft ramp.  

The special feature to distinguish the VIP terminal in Rostov-on-Don airport is the winter garden. Palms and chestnuts growing right inside the building ensure the pleasant cool temperature in summer and clear away the sad thoughts in winter. Rostov’s guests will never forget the real south tincture. 

VIP-hall guests are served on the preliminary order since it allows to maintain the peaceful and comfortable environment so much appreciated by the travelers before the flight. Payment for VIP-hall is effected as per the approved tariffs. 

Air passengers are served in the VIP-hall for departure and arrival upon agreement with the Frontier Guards and Customs Service acting at the checkpoints in the Rostov-on-Don airport.